Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To & From Western Australia

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To & From Western Australia


Western Australia is largely made up of the arid Outback, which covers the whole western third of the country. The Margaret River wine area and Perth, the riverside city, are both located in the fertile southwest portion of the state.

Covid-19 Survey

Western Australia passed through a strict Lockdown situation, to control the corona situation in the state. Recently Indian Delta version cases have been recorded, which alarms the Government of Western Australia. New strategies are applied because the Delta Version of the coronavirus is more dangerous and alarming. As millions of people suffered from Delta Version in India.

Official Numbers Given by WA Government shows that total tests made in the last 24 hours are 165,815. Currently Hospitalized Patients are 191, and the number of active cases is approximately 2,272.

Now looking at the overall condition of Western Australia we observed that the total number of tests that have been made since the pandemic are 24,117,665 in which total positive cases recorded are 33,081 and the number of total deaths recorded is 918.

Goods and Services

Government of Western Australia have facilitated the public by providing different type of relaxation as follows:

  • Medical clinics and Pharmacies should be remained open to the public under certain requirements.
  • Shopping for necessary items is allowed but restricted to one person from home.
  • Petrol stations, banks, and other financial institutes will remain open under certain SOP’s.
  • Work and Education that cannot be conducted remotely, are allowed to remain open.
  • Food items are preferred to be delivered at home, to decrease the risk of public gatherings.
  • Emergency call centers are equipped with more facilities and technology, to respond as efficiently as possible, and to ensure the safety of public safety.
  • Different events can be celebrated with families and friends under some conditions provided by the Government and following the SOPs strictly.

Travel Restrictions in Western Australia

Based on public health recommendations, Western Australia (WA) has a safe and sensible managed border arrangement. Travel into and around Western Australia is authorized from interstate and New Zealand, depending on where they came from and who they had contact within the 14 days preceding to travel. They must also meet certain requirements, such as completing a G2G PASS declaration before entering.

Quarantine conditions apply to visitors entering WA as part of a safe and sensible controlled border arrangement. Travelers arriving from a low-risk jurisdiction are subject to these restrictions. Travelers from medium-risk jurisdictions are not allowed to enter unless they have received prior approval. International Travelers must be quarantined for 14 days in the hotel of an airport and must get corona tests on days 5 and 13 of Quarantine.




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