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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To & From South Australia


Additional Restrictions have been put in some parts of South Australia for at least seven days because of the highly transmissible Delta strain. The lockdown came just hours after its cluster spiked and restrictions were re-introduced across the state. The lockdown was necessary for battling the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19.

Survey of COVID-19

More than a total of 1,855,351 tests were recorded and about 816,929 doses of vaccine were administered by the Government of South Australia. The total number of cases reported in South Australia is 857, of which 828 recovered with the death of 4 people.

With an active 25 cases of COVID, South Australia has recorded new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while 25 cases are active.

Goods and Services

While there will be strict restrictions on social activities, some of the schools and businesses will remain open. These are some of the reasons, South Australians can leave their home. Don’t forget to wear a face mask.

  • Schools, and universities can return to face-to-face learning, and construction sites can also reopen.
  • Business will be allowed to open with a certain density limit.
  • Medical and care reasons including vaccination and testing.
  • Store and shops will be open for the purchase of essential goods.
  • Restaurants and cafes can open, indoor and outdoor. Shisha, singing, and dancing will not be allowed.
  • Gym, Cinemas, and theatres can reopen with density requirements.
  • Weddings and funerals ceremonies will be allowed with some 50 people.
  • Household gatherings and private activities are capped at 10 people.
  • Weddings and funerals can have up to 50 people but are also bound by the density requirements of the specific venue.

Travel Restrictions in South Australia

The border between South Australia and Victoria is closed as Victoria works to contain the latest outbreak. South Australia’s boundary with NSW, the ACT, and southeast Queensland has not been loosened. Townsville and Birdsville, on the other hand, have had their restrictions lifted. South Australia mandates all visitors from Victoria take a COVID-19 exam before entering the state. Interstate arrivals from the Northern Territory or Western Australia are no longer subject to testing or quarantine. Travel within the state will be authorized, but border restrictions will remain in place.

There is a traffic direction in place for traffic entering South Australia. All visitors to South Australia must fill out the Cross-Border Travel Registration form available on the SA Police website. Anyone entering South Australia will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine and mandatory COVID-19 testing.

If you’re planning a trip to South Africa, make sure to fill out the Cross-Border Travel Registration form at least seven days before you leave, regardless of where your trip starts. Attach relevant documentation to aid with assessment and determination if you are applying for essential passenger categories. While case numbers remained high, Mr. Marshall said there were no urgent plans to remove limitations with NSW or the ACT.


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