Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To & From Victoria

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To & From Victoria


Updated 26th July, 10pm

Victoria’s 5th lockdown to be lifted on schedule at 11.59pm on Tuesday.

Some lighter restrictions will remain as a COVID threat still exists in NSW.

Victoria’s five-day lockdown was extended for seven more days and two weeks, red zone travel from NSW and ACT will be banned. Strict restrictions on the Victorians will be imposed. The only reason to leave the homes, include work, buying food, exercise, and getting a COVID-19 vaccine.


Covid-19 Survey

Victoria’s new cases were deliberately decreasing day by day as the only new cases of covid-19 from the past 24 hours acquired locally cases that were 11 in number, the overseas cases were one and acquired interstate were 0 in number. 32,385 tests were received in which active cases are 179 and 0 lives are lost. The health ministry says that all cases were in quarantine throughout the 14 days of their infected period and it was a good sign that the cases were decreasing due to lockdown. Total administrated covid-19 vaccines are 1,514,279 and the doses administrated are 17,370.

Goods and services

From July 15, new changes have been introduced to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • Shopping necessarily goods and services includes incorporate stores, medical stores, butchers, bottle shops, gas stations, mail centers, banks, food stores, newsagents, alcohol stores, and pet stores. Grocery stores will keep on remaining open to permit individuals to purchase food, so there is no compelling reason to load up on food. Other retail shops may be accessible for the conveyance or contactless snap and gather, and laborers may go to one location to work with these orders.
  • Only takeaway and delivery services will be allowed in cafes and restaurants. No sit-down food or drinks are allowed.
  • You can just venture out up to 5km from your home for shopping and working out. You should remain as near your home as could be expected, for instance, shopping at the closest general store.
  • For certain individuals, the closest fundamental labor and products will be more than 5km away. In the present circumstance, you may venture out past 5km to the closest supplier.
  • An individual is allowed to drive an individual with whom they dwell, in case it isn’t generally viable for that individual to take off from the house for an allowed reason.


Traveling to Victoria


The health department introduces 4 exposure sites including New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. Any individual who went to one of the accompanying venues at the occasions recorded ought to get tested and isolated first until a negative report comes.

Victoria has likewise presented an authorization to travel framework assigning regions across Australia and New Zealand as green, orange, red, or outrageous danger zones. The change became effective on Friday 23 July, with New South Wales pronounced an outrageous danger zone. It implies those entering Victoria under that characterization without an exclusion will be put on a return flight or set into 14 days required in isolation.

Any individual who endeavors to enter Victoria unlawfully faces fines of more than $5,000.

Role of Government

Government is committed to safeguard and protect the mental health of young Australians. The Morrison Government is providing $3 million to support young Australians in Victoria, ensuring they can access the mental health support they need during this lockdown.

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